Wakayama City enjoys sister city relationships with Bakersfield (U.S.A), Richmond (Canada), and Jeju (Korea), and a bond of special friendship with Jinan (China). These relationships provide a special opportunity for people in Wakayama to learn more about other countries, cultures, and languages, while at the same time promoting Wakayama's role in the world. If you are interested in learning more about our sister cities, please feel free to come by for a visit.

Bakersfield, California (USA)

Sister city ties with Bakersfield, California were established in 1961, becoming Wakayama's first sister city. Bakersfield lies in the heart of the agriculturally rich Central Valley, and main industries include agriculture, petroleum extraction and refining, and manufacturing. The city has a population of over 323,000, making it the 11th largest city in California. The city encompasses roughly 496 square kilometers.

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Richmond, British Columbia (Canada)

Wakayama and Richmond established sister city ties in March of 1973. Located south of Vancouver in British Colombia, at the mouth of the Fraser River, Richmond enjoys a warm climate, a thriving port, and is the home of Vancouver International Airport. Richmond is home to roughly 174,000 residents, with the largest minority population in Canada, roughly 59 percent. Most of the minority population is comprised of residents of Asian descent.

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Jeju City, Jeju Island (Korea)

Jeju City became Wakayama's third sister city in 1987. Located on Jeju Island, off the southernmost tip of the Korean Peninsula, Jeju is blessed with a beautiful natural environment, with over 4 million visitors from around the world every year. The city is also well known for its casino facilities and resort hotels. Jeju is home to about 360,000 residents, and covers an area of 976 square kilometers.

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Jinan, Shandong Provence (China)

Wakayama and Jinan formed their bond of friendship in 1983. Jinan is the economic, political, and cultural capital of the Shandong province, enjoying a wide variety of industries, as well as a bustling economy. Jinan has over 5 million residents and occupies an area of over 8 thousand square kilometers.

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